What is the best way to get there?

We are conveniently located directly in between 3 Skytrain stations, Granville Station, Waterfront Station, and Stadium/Chinatown Station.


Where can we park?

There is lots of street parking and a large parkade at Cambie St. and Hastings St. Make sure to leave extra time to find parking so you do not miss your reservation. If you do miss it we will do our best to fit you in to an upcoming opening but you may be subject to a wait time.


Is this just a Halloween themed escape room? 

No. It’s more like a guided thriller movie experience. One of our Hackers will guide you through and help you complete the challenge. As trained actors they are also playing a key role in this adventure and will be adding to the immersive experience You will keep going until you find your way through the entire 5,000 sqft of haunted adventure and find how to stop the clones from escaping the building and taking over Gastown.


How is this different from a typical haunted house?

A haunted house is a very passive experience that you are rushed through and have no control over the outcome of your experience. Our haunted adventure is an interactive and thrilling adventure that allows you to be an active participant in your experience and challenges you to use your wits while being scared to death!


Will I get dirty? 

It is possible so we recommend that you do not wear your sunday best. You will be climbing, jumping, running, and even screaming for your life.


How many people can go in a group at one time? 

Groups of two to ten go at a time, with 15 minutes in between each group. This means you will never bump into anyone else in the haunt, nor will anyone else bump into you…except the clones. If you purchase only one ticket, we will put you with other guests to make a larger group.


What if I get too scared?

There’s a safe (word) phrase; "Bananas in Pyjamas". If you say it we will hear it and pull you out. No refund for being too scared.

Do I have to be fit?

Not necessarily; however, it does help. We don’t recommend going if you have any injuries or conditions that could be dangerous, ie. heart condition, pregnancy.


Can I wear a costume? 

Absolutely! We encourage creativity so there will be prizes for the scariest, funniest and most creative costumes!


Can we be denied access?

Yes. If you appear intoxicated, have weapons, drugs, or alcohol, or show up late, then you could be denied access without a refund.


Can we take photos? 

No. We will be taking all your personal belongings and putting them in a locked trunk (which you will hold the key to) until you are finished the experience. You can take photos before and after, and we will be taking photos of you during the event that we can share with you.


What are the line-ups and wait times like?

You are able to reserve your own preferred start time so there is no line up or wait time if you arrive on time! We recommend coming 15 minutes before to ensure you find parking and your whole group is here so that we can get you started on time. Then you’re off on your terrifying adventure!


Will the actors touch us? Can we touch the actors? 

The actors may touch you and there will be MANY of them throughout your experience. If you ever feel uncomfortable and want to end your experience, simply shout out the safe (word) phrase and we will extract you. No, you CANNOT touch them. They are professionals and know what they are doing. If you attack, threaten, or harm the actors in any way then you will be removed from the premises without a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.


My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

Go to our contact page and send us a message we will get back to you.