Forget looking for the EXIT... this is your opportunity to play the hero in your own live gaming, action movie adventure. This goes way beyond your typical escape room—this is a true reality gaming experience!

We have taken the "Escape Room" concept to a whole new level and Vancouver is loving it!


$30 Per PLAYER

An evil, eccentric billionaire constructs a personal showroom for his art collection here in Vancouver, and now that he’s gone we have a chance to undo his dark legacy. This elaborate heist requires an elite group of operatives who can bypass security and remove a powerful stone from under everyone’s noses. Quickly! Before the Vancouver Police Department arrive...

Years ago, a research team disappeared into a mine beneath Gastown, amongst whispers of a dark power and a fragmented stone. The mine was safely sealed, but the new property owner unearthed it once more, exposing an excavated piece of the legendary stone. What happened to the research team? Who sealed the mine? And was it sealed to keep someone out or to keep something in?

Ages 16+ recommended.