So you’re thinking about enlisting a team of operatives in the fight against The UMBRA Group? GUESS HQ is grateful for your help, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for the high­ intensity adventures to come. There are some things you should know before embarking on your missions. Watch this quick recording from our leader, Zoe, then scroll down for a list of mission preparations. 

Preparing for your Adventure Room Mission 

  • Choose your Team Wisely:
    the film Ocean's Eleven, each team member in their heist serves a unique purpose and brings something essential to the table. When you’re recruiting your team of operatives, think about what skills each individual might bring to the table. An eclectic group can be essential to your success.
  • Teamwork is Key:
    Being the hero of your adventure means working together. The only way to succeed in any of the GUESS HQ adventure rooms is through solid communication and working with your fellow operatives to solve puzzles and progress through the mission.
  • Dress comfortably:
    Even James Bond needs to loosen his bow­tie when things get a little rough. You will be moving through tight spaces, dodging lasers, creeping past motion detectors and more. We would recommend leaving the 3 ­piece suit or high heels at home.
  • Get in Character:
    From the moment you walk into GUESS HQ, your host (a fellow hacker operative) will take you through a mission briefing and safety precautions. You will start to feel the excitement of the adventure­ to ­come coursing through your veins. Now is the time to immerse yourself into the story. Become the hero that Gastown deserves.