We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from the wonderful people of Vancouver thus far. Here’s what some people have had to say about their adventure room experience after finishing a mission (not always successfully!) 

The best escape game I have ever played (and I have been through numerous). Your challenges were clever and your staff really helped to set the scene with their enthusiasm for your concept.

I have already contacted several friends to recommend and have requested a meeting with my head of HR next week to see if we can do a team building challenge at our facility.

You have taken the escape room concept and made it more then your competitors could ever hope to mimic. Truly the next level of adventure game!

— Caroline Caron
We went as a family outing and not knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised! Each member helped to contribute in getting to the last room and it really took team work. We were so close but unfortunately didn’t get the final task completed. We would love to go back and try to do it in record time. We all had a blast and would highly recommend!
— San Fung
Best escape room in the city for sure. I would tell you all the things that made it amazing for us but I don’t want to give any spoilers. Lets just say you blew our whole team’s minds. Like when that one thing happens and you find the other thing ... and then right after with the thing opening up and chshhhhhh... WHAAAAAAAT? Super spy!!
— Ryan Cadamia
G.U.E.S.S. HQ’s puzzle-based adventure rooms are absolutely brilliant! They test your brain without making you so scared that you pee your pants. Also, they’re a ton of fun!
— Katrina Young
We had a great time with these adventures! Definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a mix of mind­bending puzzles, teamwork, and some physical challenges (ex. dodging lasers). The rooms are extremely well put together, and the hosts help make it a really fun time. We will go again when the last challenge is ready!
— Eric P
Definitely EXCELLENT experience! GUESS HQ offers high­tech,intellectual, and very engaging team fun! The creators have definitely went above and beyond in hiring great staff/contractors to create the most amazing rooms! The atmosphere was amazing, and it was definitely a very immerseful experience. For some comparison, our team has done almost all the other escape places, and this GUESS HQ has stood out from the rest, in the best way possible. Advertising themselves as NOT an escape room, is very accurate, as they are much more. This place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everybody to try at least once!
— Aaron M
We’ve been to most of the room Escapes in the Vancouver Area, but you haven’t been to a room escape until you’ve done a room “Adventure” at Guess HQ in Gastown. It was so well done, extremely well done with high production value and a cool story. We hold the record for highest score :­). Good luck beating us!
— Troy C
Absolutely the best “escape the room” setups i’ve ever seen. The quality and puzzles are miles ahead of your standard Richmond, dirty single room filled with craigslist furniture and 50 combination locks. The space is at least 4 times bigger than ones i’ve been in. It has Lasers, hydraulics, touch screen panels, videos, etc. Also the puzzles match the theme nicely
— K.Y.
I thought it was awesome (even though we failed). The game design, setting/decor and puzzles were extremely well done and I’m really interested in seeing what the other scenarios are like. We had a group of 8, but I think 6 may be a little better. We dressed up in theme too which made it a good laugh.
— Shaun O
What a fun experience! Challenging and unique. Thx G.U.E.S.S HQ team!
— Blair J
After going to this adventure game, all the other escapes rooms that I have been to is not comparable. The first room that we did was very high tech with password panels and laser beams that will actually go off if you touch it. The clues were relevant and makes sense. The second room that we played was more physical. We had to put on these helmets and body suits because you do have to craw through small spaces. We will definitely come back for room number 3 when it opens.
— Sarah F
Really fun team activity that lived up to our expectations. Well thought out puzzles and multiple rooms with a story that ties the challenges together. Did the part 1 Heist. 45 minutes flies fast! 4 is a good sized group to go with. Staff were all helpful and seemed to enjoy being a part of our experience. I would totally go back to try the next level.
— Jacqueline Y